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Video Gaming in your town is a win, win opportunity … discover why. For 2 years, IGMOA has been helping our establishments to educate their local leaders about the LOCAL benefits of video gaming.

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Join the Support Main Street Illinois coalition to help Protect & Promote the benefits that Video Gaming is having on LOCAL communities. Read More…
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IGMOA is a leader in the state-wide industry

IGMOA continues to educate legislators & the public about the positive results of Video Gaming, while also protecting the long-term health of the industry by fighting for strong & smart Regulation. We have successfully led the fight against many local “opt-out” Gaming ordinances and led the fight that resulted in Cook County lowering their video gaming tax 75%.

Capital Improvements and Local Revenue

Video Gaming’s 25% State Tax goes directly to help pay for Capital projects in your town!… Video Gaming’s 5% Municipal Tax, on top of the benefits earned by local businesses creates a powerful new tool in local growth. View Presentation

The Power of 5%

Learn about the Power of 5%

View Capital Projects Paid for by Video Gaming.

A town’s leaders often feel more pressure to resist Video Gaming than there really is in the citizenry. We help to educate these leaders using three basic discussions:

Video Gaming Act itself and the regulated Industry that it created

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The Social Concerns arising from Video Gaming

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The Local Financial Affects of this new revenue source (business & government)

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