Lawmakers in Springfield have already discussed increasing the tax rate to 40% on video gaming machines. If your location has five machines, averaging $100 a day, you wouldlose nearly $10,000 a year in income.We must stop this before it gains momentum


We will stand up for a stronger economy & a fair marketplace!

As a Coalition member, we’ll ask you to consider helping us in these ways
  • Meeting with legislators in your area, guided by our expert lobbying team.
  • Cammunicating with your local legislators through calls and letters.
  • Working with our PR team, which will help you talk with local reporters, meet
    editorial boards, & write letters to the editor.
  • Recruiting new members.

Coalitions like this work when many join together to speak united on issues. Some of the most effective voices at the Cap
itol teachers unions, business associations get the job done year after year because they bring local people to legislators to make their case.We cannot wait to act.We need to educate Springfield now to show we’re politically active & are engaged today for the November elections

It all starts with YOU!

IGMOA needs the hundreds of video gaming establishment owners and other supporters to join the Support Main Street Illinois Coalition now.


How the Coalition Works

All you need to do is pay the fee to join the Coalition & let us know how you want to be involved. We’ll take care of everything else.

The Support Main Street Illinois Coalition is focused on reshaping how Illinois policymakers, media, & residents view
what video gaming contributes to our state & it’s local economies

  • Video gaming draws more residents & visitors into your establishments, where their dollars go to support your worker & your bottom line.
  • You & your workers then spend the extra money at local stores & shops, get oil changes, eat out more & the cycle continues like a spider web, boosting the local economy.
  • Government wins on video gaming as well, as taxes on the machines support local budgets & projects helping the cash-strapped state government fund much-needed road & bridge improvements.

Let your voice be heard in Springfield for a fair Marketplace & Legislation

Video gaming in Illinois faces great challenges & we must meet them with a united front. Critics will be going to Springfield next year to do whatever they can to pull back on the industry’s initial overwhelming success.

The Support Main Street Illinois Coalition is your opportunity to fight back.

Led by the resources & expertise of the Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Association, the Coalition will work every angle to preserve & promote video gaming’s success legislative, political & media Download Brochure